Hello and Welcome,
my name is Judit Nóra Kriston


I work as a Career and Management consultant. I prepare my Clients for interviews, emphasizing communication skills, and I provide management training for groups.

Career Management Consulting

Strategies for starting or building a successful career, developing self-management skills and mastering techniques for changing your career along the way. Gaining confidence and increasing strong motivation

Career Advice and Job Interview Preparation

Completely personalized 1:1 consultation for the entire job application process and the jobinterviews. Easy techniques and prosperous strategies for optimizing your professional CV, writing an impressive motivational letter, self-management and making your professional profile marketable

Communication and Management Trainings

 Presentation skills – Assertive communication – Self-management – Leadership development – Project management. 1:1 training for individuals and group training at companies (for small groups of up to 12-14 people).

Career Management Consulting


To Whom I recommend this services? For fresh-graduates, career changers or those who would return to the world of work after a long absence and now want to rebuild their careers. I also recommend it to those who would work abroad and would need full guidance. My consulting is useful for all those who have found themselves in difficult situations during a possible redundancy, so they will need to prevail in other areas or need to find an alternative solution in order to get a job as soon as possible. I also recommend it to those who have stopped, but would not necessarily change careers, but would like to change in order to be re-motivated and more successful in their field of work. I provide comprehensive guidance in career strategy selection, career change techniques, in-work, and out-of-work self-management and gaining efficiency in all of these parts of modern work. After analyzing the opportunities of professional development, we will see in which direction the person could move in accordance with his / her abilities and what strategy and tactics he/she should be using. During my counseling, we review – among other things – your opportunities, your strengths, your areas to be developed and we explore the factors that cause the difficulties and we find the solutions for them.

Forms of counseling (in-person or online):

– 1 counseling session, which includes a 90-minute super intensive 1:1 consultation
– 5 up to 10 consulting packages containing 5 or 10 superimposed 60-minute 1:1 consultation




What does this include? I teach effective CV writing techniques, ways to optimize your professional resume, and tell you how to write successful motivational/cover letters. We will learn different interview techniques and I will prepare you for the interviews through different types of training (telephone interview, Skype interview, personal interview). I will show you the effective strategy of selecting and applying for jobs. We review what self-management is (the efficient structure and management of Myself as a Product), what are the techniques of self-management, and how to develop appropriate, marketable professional profile accounts (LinkedIn, Xing, Facebook). Besides, You will build self-confidence and ways of maintaining your motivation. You will learn a strategy that can be used in the long run.

Forms of counseling (in-person or online):
– 1 counseling session, which includes a 90-minute super intensive 1:1 consultation
– 5 up to 10 consulting packages containing 5 or 10 superimposed 60-minute 1:1 consultation



Individual training and small group training for companies, up to 12-14 people

Forms of training sessions for Companies:
– 5 module outsourced training
– 3 module online webinar

Forms of training sessions for individuals (personal or online):
– 1 training session, which includes a 90-minute super intensive 1:1 training
– 5 up to 10 training packages containing 5 or 10 superimposed 60-minute 1:1 training

Presentation techniques

– How to make a presentation quickly and efficiently so that you can pass on most of the information in the shortest possible time?
– How do you give the presentation while overcoming nervousness?
– How to start and close the presentation effectively?
– What is the Min-Max principle?

Assertive communication

– How do you communicate in such a way that your self-assertion is given space?
– How to say NO firmly but politely if your employees are entrusted with more and more tasks?
– How to tell your opinion to your boss, co-workers in a more difficult situation so that the relationship is not damaged or even it is developed?
– What is constructive criticism and how should it be practiced or how to communicate this to your boss, subordinates, or co-workers?


Self-management techniques, Managing myself as a product

– How do you build yourself as a Product?
– How do you manage yourself, whether for work purposes or for other professional purposes?
– How DO NOT build yourself as a Product?
– How do you manage your professional social media?
– Why is continuous self-management important?

Leadership Skills Development Training / Group Leadership

– How do you set up a group to make sure the group works effectively and how do you lead the group?
– How do you resolve tensions and conflicts within the group and how do you prevent the emergence of new tensions and conflicts?
– What is Group engagement? How can this be maintained?
– What is a good leader and what are the misconceptions in leading techniques?
– Why is flexibility one of the most important leadership quality?

Project Management

– What are the components of project management?
– What are the basic conditions for a successful project?
– How to operate your team from planning to completing your project?
– What is project control management?
– What is stakeholder management, risk management, and change management?
– What makes a good and effective project leader?
– What are the criteria for a successful project?


Contact me (via phone, Skype, or email), and let’s look for an appointment for your first 30-minute consultation. This introductory consultation is FREE!

During the 30-minute consultation, we will clarify each issue and discuss and determine which area of counseling or training is best suitable for you. After you have ordered the consulting sessions or training package and the amount is transferred, then we will agree on the first date of work and can start immediately! My services take place within the framework of personal meetings in my office in Budapest (Budapest, District II), but it is also possible to have them on Skype if it is required. Both the counseling and the training program form a unit of 5 sessions with a complex, logical structure. If you want to come 10 times, you will have to order two 5-session packages, in which case these 10 lessons will form one integrated unit. For my part, both counseling and training require very detailed preparation, and on your part, active participation will be required in order to get the most effective and all-encompassing picture out of you. I provide materials for counseling and individual training online.
I give companies detailed information about outsourced and online pieces of training by phone, email, Skype, or in person by prior arrangement.
For Clients who are living outside of Hungary, I run consultations and individual training online.

Please note: Cancellation of sessions can be made by phone or email no later than 2 days before the due date. Before You issue your order, I will provide all aidditional information about order process, payment terms, invoicing…etc.

Consultation services

 Career Management Consulting

5 sessions up to 10 sessions consulting program

Starting from 135 EUR/ session

Job Application and Job Interview Preparation

5 sessions up to 10 sessions consulting program


Starting from 135 EUR/ session

Communication and Management Training

for Individuals

5 sessions up to 10 sessions training program


Starting from 135 EUR/ session

Communication and Management Training

for Companies

5 sessions up to 10 session training program 

Offer will be provided based on prior discussions


I have worked for 20 years for multinational companies including General Electric Energy and the Oil and Gas Divisions, as well as Neste Jacobs Oy in Finland, Neste Engineering Solutions BV in Rotterdam, and McDermott Inc. in Houston.
In the course of my work, I have gained the wealth of experience and practice in human behaviour, effective communication, conflict management, career management, self-management, and the effective operation of groups.
Back in the early 2000s, I earned a degree in Foreign Trade and Marketing, then I was a student in the Management and Leadership program at the London School of Business and Finance. Since then, I have participated in much-continuing education and professional programs, including the Project Management Certification Program at the American Business Training and Consulting Institute, the Agile Project Management Specialization at the American University of Maryland and the Innovation Management Certification Program at the International Business Management Institute in Berlin. I completed a few communication, counselling and coaching programs. I earned a degree in Business Coaching. Learning is still a part of my life to this day and I extremely enjoy being able to learn new, useful, and exciting skills.

During my career I went all the way up the ladder, inventing and managing myself, starting with selection of professional training and then planning and implementing my career path. I have worked in Hungary, Norway, and the Netherlands in small and large international project groups. In the course of my work, I have gone through several successful and also very difficult, mentally, and emotionally stressful, challenging situations. I learned and experienced a lot about human behaviour, group conflicts, conflicts of interest, and cooperation techniques. I have mentored several junior colleagues as part of a mentoring program to make them show the right career goals, plan their career paths, and be prepred to persevere and motivate them to implement their plan. I held internal pieces of training and workshops in project teams to improve the efficiency of the project group and to develop group motivation.
During my career path, I experienced and mastered how tensions can be converted into sources of energy, how a so-called „closed-door” can be used to open another „door” and also how to rediscover opportunities, goals, motivations, and move forward with self-confidence.

In the course of my counselling, I provide fully personalized guidance, covering every detail and not only counselling but also preparation with tangible, day-to-day techniques that can be used in long term.
I treat my Clients with high empathy, patience, focused attention, good observation, deep and mature human knowledge, some humour (because that’s also important), and a very strong motivating skill.

I am passionate about sharing my knowledge and experience, and supporting everyobody who are in need of career counselling, who would improve their management skills or who just wants a jump-start into a job application with an effective strategy.

“As a recent graduate, I turned to Judit to learn job
application techniques and strategies that I could use later. Judit prepared me
in such detail that I didn’t even expect. She asked for a lot of contributions
but after the consultations ended I applied with such a confident attitude that
in a couple of weeks I already received a job offer. I recommend everyone to
turn to Judit. They get a lot more than they expect. ”

Lili (25)

“I went to Judit for career management consulting. I am 32
years old and have been working in IT for 10 years but I didn’t know how to clarify what kind of career I wanted for
myself. I went to Judit for 10 suitable pieces of counselling and I can say that
I was given such detailed training that I can already see exactly what career
strategy I should use to achieve my goals. Now I have an exciting journey ahead of me. “

Mark (32)

“I’ve been working as a designer for a year now but I didn’t know exactly what I wanted, I didn’t even see where I wanted to be in 5 or 10 years. I didn’t want to work like this and lose years in a job that didn’t suit me. I asked Judit for advice in career management and I also took a Self-Management training. I received a very detailed and personalized preparation. She always answered my questions in great detail, always clarified my doubts. She kept giving me feedback on how she sees my progress and where I need to improve myself. In addition to counselling and training, my self-confidence has also grown and that is why I am very grateful.”

Endre (26)

Thank You for your interest!

Contact me directly if you have any questions or if you would like to work with me to set up your career goals, job application strategy or improve your skills!
I would love to hear about You!

email: info@karrierkonzulting.hu

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