Are You a Team Leader?

Do You know how You can improve the wellbeing of your team members?
Here are my tips:

– Set-up regular 1:1 feedback sessions
(preferably once in a month)
– Explore if there is any group issue or personal issue
(conflicts, misunderstandings, toxic people, difficult people, conflict of interest)
– Provide flexible working hours
(do not expect any explanation for arriving later or leaving earlier. Trust!)
– Agree on work-from-home options
– Provide a wide range of health benefits
(not just a gym discount or articles about work/life balance)
– Recognize and reward peak performance and any sort of initiation for improvement
Create healthy habits in your teamwork, not restrictions

Take care of your team and regularly check on how they are doing, how they are feeling at the moment.
Better wellbeing will generate improved performance.

Any thoughts?

Thank You for your interest!

Contact me directly if you have any questions or if you would like to work with me to set up your career goals, job application strategy or improve your skills!
I would love to hear about You!


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